How satisfying it is to leave a mark on a blank surface.
To make a map of my movement no matter how temporary.
Blankets, Craig Thompson.

Our thoughts and our words are the footprints of our existence, our stories – the map of our movements. For years, humans have been drawn to each other by their stories. From gathering around campfires to the millions of pages in public libraries; our stories are the backbone of our ever-evolving civilization and global culture.

Someone very rightly said, if you want to understand a certain civilization, listen to the stories they tell.

At this moment in history, we – the women of this country need to be heard loud and clear, for we need to be understood. We will not be assumed weak when we tell stories where we showed immense courage. We will shatter all prejudice when we share our stories of graceful judgment. We will demand and deserve respect when we tell stories where we displayed stern will power to save and salvage our pride. We need to share the stories of our virtues as well as the problems we face, for we need to be empathized with and understood as equals. There is a dire need for us to break the barriers of this society with our words and thoughts.

So this is a call to all the women in India to come out and share their tales, no matter how long or short, thrilling or mundane, soothing or disruptive, no matter the language.

Write, share and behold; the world will evolve into a better home.


Submission Guidelines:

1. Must not be a piece of fiction. Should be real life stories / experiences / personal accounts.

2. All the submissions must be made in first person.

3. Must be of 400 words atleast. Can exceed the mark.

4. All submissions through this form are a product of AreWeFoundation.

5. Submissions might be curated for editorial changes only. However, the content won’t be tampered with.

6. Every submission will be duly credited (and anonymity will be maintained, if mentioned)


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