As a community we are constantly searching for a collective viewpoint of subjectivity through which we can share our vision of a better world. And that’s the reason why we tell tales.

Stories, whether lamented or cherished, are threads through which we tie our listeners. And entangled, they embark on a journey alongside us. Criss-crossing tracks with narratives, emotions and realities. Imagine – a patch from the fabric of reality, full of colours, and textures, and fragrances, and emotions, and imperfections?

These stories become the very base onto which the dreams of those who we inspire, are sewn.

On our unique venture we have plunged into a journey in which we will travel the length, breadth, depth and heights of our society, in search of stories that will become the foundation of strength for the dreams of an entire generation.

The project aspires to build not just a narrative fabric but a physical installation celebrating the power of stories and their ability to construct and contribute to the formation of a society. Along with collecting stories from every nook of the country, our team will collect actual pieces of fabric as souvenir. These pieces would then be sewn into a magnificent artwork, symbolising the essence of human spirit and its tendency to share and absorb stories as nothing less than fuel. Not just for survival and sustenance but for our growth and enlightenment as well.

Circa: Early 60’s. A tragedy had struck down upon a beautiful simple wedding in a small town of Alwar, when a domestic gas cylinder exploded. Setting ablaze a fire that burned the whole place down! Amidst all the smoke, shock, chaos, people scrambling to save their lives, the young bride had gone missing. She was nowhere to be found.

The frantic searches had just begun, when a scream for help came louder and sharper! And a burning woman emerged from the fire, carrying a wailing baby in her arms. It was the young bride – Janki Devi. Even when half burned, her only concern was the well being of the baby. Ironically, the one she barely knew before that day.

Unlike in a very wishful world, kindness is seldom thrown around like confetti.

But stories like these, somehow reinstills our faith in humanity, time and again.

Janki Devi’s selfless act, her determination and strength, her bravery makes the world a better place. People like her, do.

Janki Devi’s grand-daughter decided to share this story with us and a piece of her saree that had survived the tragedy too, as a memoir, for our initiative.

It is acts like these which have stirred a movement in the hearts of many women to share their stories, lives and scars with us.

We have geared ourselves with all the storytelling tools like poetry, music, films and performances to bring these stories forward for the world to cherish and learn from. As we document these stories on our website, we also work towards collecting the pieces of fabric that witnessed these acts and stand as symbols of courage, kindness, valour and spirit. As we reach our determined target of stories and pieces of fabric we start to design and construct a monumental work of art created by combining these pieces of fabric together by the help of professional designers and artists to be displayed next to a celebrated national monument as a totem of human spirit.

The installation ‘Libaas’ would be exhibited in public at a celebrated national monument on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The event would celebrate stories and their ability to invoke action with lights, sound, music, monologues and performances for an entire week. The event would also travel to various cities and stand in solidarity with the people and their stories of courage and sacrifices and deeds of humanity to drive the millions listening to take actions towards a better future.

We invite you to an enriching ride full of stories, faces and actions that have made impacts. Visit us at ‘’. Reach out to us with any kind of help such as leads, funds, and even words of encouragement to keep us stay afloat on our journey and bring to you the Libaas of stories that would keep your spirits warm and be your reservoir of threads as you sew your dreams in this fabric of reality.

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